“There is no favorable wind for the sailor who doesn’t know where to go”


The service

This service is designed to help you reflect on your career orientation in order to help you make a choice. It is intended for anyone who has questions about his or her profession and feels helpless in the face of the complexity of his or her reality and emotions.

The service is very flexible and can be adapted to each individual. The first step is to make a detailed assessment of your situation and your needs. Depending on these needs, several options are available to you. If you wish, we can conduct various tests (professional interests, personality, values…). If relevant, we can also perform a skills assessment. Once this first exploration phase is completed, we can study together the professional options that would correspond to you and elaborate a realistic and feasible project. Finally, the last step consists of giving you the tools to bring your career plan to life. If necessary, we can perfect your job search techniques (resume, cover letter, job interview, telephone, company visit…)

The length of the service is variable and can be adapted to your needs. However, it is intended to be rather short. In general, it lasts between 1 and 3 interviews.