Please note that all the downloadable documents on this page are in written french. Nonetheless, they still may be usefull for you to download and modify.

Job search

I provide you with my E-Book on job search, the elite application checklist that I mention in some of my videos, as well as a document that lists resources to identify your skills and qualities.

Templates of my resume

You can download below the resumes I present in my videos in various colors. They are each time in Word and PDF versions. If you find it easier to create them yourself, here is my tutorial series that explains how to do it on OpenOffice and on Word.

Search for appenticeship

Here are some documents that may be useful to you if you are currently looking for an apprenticeship position. They are presented in video here.

Find the right apprenticeship for you

Here are some documents that can help you in your search for the right apprenticeship for you. They are presented in video here.

Research work

Here is some personal research done at the University of Lausanne.